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As an organization and Board, we want to explain the process to ensure transparency and proactively explain all areas of this important process and decisions. We invite all CBSL Board Members, and Upper Division Head and Assistant Coaches to:

  • Player Evaluation Day on Saturday, March 16 at MEF Fieldhouse, 
  • and Team Draft Night on Monday, March 18th at 6pm at Kraft Meadows Intermediate School Cafeteria

Player Evaluation and Team Assignment

Players will be assigned based on the following criteria: 

  • Player age
  • CBSL experience
  • Travel experience
  • Skill demonstration
    • Based on Player Evaluation Day, a video submissions, and/or previous demonstrations with CBSL
    • Five categories: hitting, fielding, catching, throwing/pitching, and speed/baserunning
  • Players will be given a number per each criterion.
    • For example, player grades will be considered according to the following scale for players eligible for AAA and Majors:
      • 9 years old: 1 point
      • 10 years old: 2 points
      • 11 years old: 3 points
    • CBSL experience will be considered based on the total number of years the player has participated in CBSL, with each year counting as a point (e.g., four years of participation = four points)
    • Travel experience:
      • Players with ongoing experience: 2 points. All others: 0 points.
    • For skill categories, players will be evaluated on a -point scale, with higher values indicating more advanced skill levels for that category.
      • The skills that will be assessed on Player Evaluation Day are the following; Speed, Hitting, Fielding ground and fly balls, Pitching and Catching. 
    • Teams will then be developed by:
      • Player points
      • Siblings will be on the same team, if in the same division.
      • Position consideration (pitchers and catchers in more senior divisions)
      • Teams will also have an equal number of players with travel experience
      • Unique requests, for players with special needs

CBSL Board and Upper Division Head and Assistant Coaches will gather on Team Draft Night, where together we will finalize a player's number and teams. All teams will be created with the goal of a target range of “points” per team. Outside of this group, the draft process and player evaluation numbers will be confidential. 

Once each team is in a similar point range, each position is filled, and unique requests have been considered, coaches will then be assigned at random. Each coach will bring their child/ren with them to their assigned team, along with one Assistant Coach and their child/ren. If these additions skew the point range, changes will be made to the team roster to ensure all teams are as equal as possible. 

  • For example:
  • Player A is in K and has one year of experience. He counted as 2 points (1 for K and 1 for having one year experience). A 1st grader with no experience would also count as 2 points (2 for 1st and 0 for having no experience).For context, in K/1 the average points per team was 28. There are 5 teams with 27 (including my own), 2 teams with 28, and 3 teams with 29.

Team Name Assignment

Team names were assigned based on the popularity of each MLB team and the total score for each team discussed in assignments. Essentially, teams with lower scores (with possible small differences) got assigned more popular team names. The idea here is these teams might have a very slight disadvantage, so give them better team names.

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Caledonia Michigan Baseball Softball Little League

PO Box 422 
Caledonia, Michigan 49316

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Caledonia Michigan Baseball Softball Little League

PO Box 422 
Caledonia, Michigan 49316

Email: [email protected]
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