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The following content is a primer for parents, players, and other volunteers involved in the Caledonia Baseball Softball League. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Caledonia Baseball Softball League [CBSL]

Q. Is Caledonia Baseball Softball League a local organization?
A. We are a chapter of Little League, a national non-profit organization founded in 1939 and headquartered in Williamsport, PA. Caledonia Baseball Softball League's charter was established in 2011 with a board of 8 members. Each local chapter is governed by a national framework of rules and regulations, and elects a Board of volunteers to carry out its business. Caledonia Baseball Softball League has local rules that are specific to our league but must not conflict with the national rules and regulations.

Q. What is the benefit of joining Little League?
A. Little League “believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.” Little League is the World’s largest organized youth sports program, with millions of players in over 80 countries. CBSL believes in this league, mission, and opportunity for you and/or your child.

Q. Is CBSL a non-profit organization?
A. Yes, CBSL is a community funded, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends on registrations, donations, and sponsorships to fund the many programs offered by the league. Review our Sponsors and Giving page for additional information on how you can get involved.

Q. How can I get more information or make suggestions?
A. You may contact us directly or talk with parents or Board Members who are already involved in CBSL

Q. What is your Little League ID?
A. 201738


Q. What ages of children can play Little League and how are they divided?
A. There are Baseball programs for players 4-14 years of age and Softball programs for ages 4-12 years of age.

Q. Which level/age group should I register my player for?
A. Our Baseball and Softball programs have an overview of the different divisions that you can register for along with age ranges. Your player's Little League age is determined by an age chart. You may use the Little League age determination site along with unique age charts for Baseball and Softball to find your player's Little League age. 

Once your player’s Little League age is determined, use the following guide:

Baseball Divisions

Little League Ages


4, 5 & 6

Coach Pitch

7 & 8 (6-year-olds may request a play-up)

AA / Minor

9 (8-year-olds may request a play-up)


10 & 11


10, 11, 12 *

Boys Juniors

13 - 14

*  Boys ages 10-12 are registered in the Boys Little League division and drafted on either the Majors roster or placed onto a AAA team.  Your child should attend the player evaluations to help determine which team he is best suited for.  All 12-year-olds will be placed on a Boys Majors Team, and 10 & 11-year-olds will be placed in AAA if not selected for Majors.

Softball Divisions

Little League Ages


4 & 5

Coach Pitch

6 & 7 & 8

Girls Minors

9*, 10 and 11

Girls Majors

10, 11 and 12 *

*NOTE: The Little League division will be divided into Minors and Majors teams based on the number of players available   Typically 9 and 10-year-olds will play in Minors and 11 and 12 will play in the Majors.  There are some exceptions to this, though it is rare.  Your child should attend the tryouts to help determine which team she is best suited for. 

Depending on the number of girls registered in the Little League division we may interleague for both majors and minors with other District 9 teams. 

Q. Is there a way for my player to play up/down a division?
A.  Yes. This decision will be made with the help of the Board and coaches, at player evaluation and a draft meeting. Visit our Baseball Rules for more details.  

Q. How do we know if we can play in CBSL?
A. For a player to be eligible to play in CBSL the player must either reside and/or attend school within the boundary of the league.

CBSL is open to players in the Caledonia, Michigan area and includes areas north to Whitneyville, west to portions of Kentwood and Moline, and south to Wayland and Middleville.

If you do not reside/attend school within our boundary, please visit the Little League site here to find your nearest league.

Q. What is the cost to play, and what does that include?
A. Below is a breakdown per division:

  • Co-ed Tee ball: $110.00 per player. 
  • Boys Coach Pitch, AA, AAA, Majors - $135.00 per player.
  • Girls Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors: $135.00 per player. 
  • Boys Juniors:  $145.00 per player.  
  • There is a maximum family charge of $400 for those with 3 or more children. 

Registration fee includes: 1 Team jersey(shirt) and baseball cap (boys & co-ed teeball) or softball visor (girls softball). 

Q. Do you offer scholarships?
A. Yes. CBSL wants to ensure that all kids play baseball/softball no matter their financial situation.  If your family has experienced financial challenges, please do not let this stand in the way of your children participating in CBSL!  Please contact the CBSL Board at [email protected], and let us know right away, and we will assist you with a financial scholarship so that your child(ren) doesn’t miss out!  This is a confidential process and your information will not be shared outside of the CBSL Financial Scholarship Committee.

Q. Is my registration refundable?
A: CBSL Registration Fees are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.  The registrant's family assumes all risk for families and/or players who either choose not to play, or otherwise become unable or unwilling to play after completing registration.

League Play and Teams

Q. What is the League's typical schedule?
A. Practices can start as early as the last week of March for Majors and above depending on the weather.  Most divisions (except teeball and coach pitch which start later) will begin in early April and run up until opening day (typically 3rd/4th Saturday of April).  Practice schedules are determined by the league and are scheduled based on field availability. Teams will get 1-2 field practices per week and/or 1-2 batting cage practices per week, weather permitting.  Practices vary from either 5:00 to 7:00 or 7:00 to 9:00 during the work week for most divisions. Practices will also be scheduled on the weekend (Saturday) from 9:00am - 6:00pm.

The regular season (for upper divisions) begins on the 3rd/4th Saturday of April and runs through mid-June to the end of June depending, lower divisions begin in late April/early May.  Weather permitting, most teams will play two games per week (with some minor exceptions).  

Q. How are rainouts handled?
A. CBSL will communicate game and practice cancellations via email and text message, so be sure to sign up to receive both forms of communication. If it is a game or practice day for your player, a coach will also reach out with more details. Visit our Weather Policy page for more details. 

Make-up games are scheduled only if/when necessary, typically if the total number of games played is less than 12.   Weekday games normally start around 5:15pm, 6:30pm, or 7:30 pm depending on the division. Games on Saturday run from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Q. Where can I read more about CBSL Safety information?
A. Please review the CBSL Safety page for a better understanding of how CBSL makes every effort to keep your player safe. We also list ways you can help your player both at home and at the diamond. 

Q. What fields do we play at? 
A. CBSL utilizes Cal-Plex as often as possible, however, due to the size of our league, we often use Caledonia Community Schools elementary and immediate school fields. Visit the CBSL Fields page for more details, addresses, and maps. 

Q. How are Instructional Division Teams formed?
A. Instructional Divisions [TeeBall and Coach Pitch divisions] are formed based on the player's common neighborhoods/school boundary and player experience. This is done to try and have players from the same schools/neighborhoods together and to promote balanced, skill-level teams.

Q. How are Competitive Division Teams formed?
A. Competitive Division [Minors, Majors, and Junior divisions] are formed by a draft process based on the players individual results from Evaluation Day.

Q. How is the Draft for Competitive Teams handled?
A. For the full process check out the CBSL Draft Process page.

Q. How many players are on a typical team?
A. We target between 10-12 players per team to try to ensure that each team will have enough players for each game and maximize playing and instructional time for every player.

Q. How are All-Stars selected?
A. The All-Stars page has more information about the selection process for both players and coaches. 

Q. Where do I find information on the All-Star Player and Manager selection process?
A. You will find some details on our current selection process for Players and Managers on the CBSL All-Star page.


Q. What gear does my player need for the season?
A. Each player will receive a Jersey and a Hat/Visor. 

In addition, each team will have a set of team equipment for the season that will include 2-4 Batting Helmets (4 for lower levels and 2 for upper levels [some players will have their own]), one set of Catchers Gear (chest and shin guards and helmet), First Aid Kit, Ice Packs, Practice and Game Balls, and a Hitting Tee (depending on level).

Baseball Player Needs

  • Required: Glove, Bat (USA), Pants (white), Socks and Shoes (rubber and molded cleats recommended, Metal Cleats are not allowed), Water Bottle
  •  Optional: Batting Helmet, Batting Gloves, Belt, Equipment Bag/Backpack, Sunglasses

Softball Player Needs

  • Required: Glove, Bat (USA), Pants (Black), Socks and Shoes (rubber and molded cleats recommended, Metal Cleats are not allowed), Water Bottle 
  •  Optional: Batting Helmet, Field Face Mask, Batting Gloves, Belt, Equipment Bag/Backpack, Sunglasses

Teeball Player Needs

  • Required: Glove, Bat (USA)Bat, Pants (Black), Socks and Shoes (rubber and molded cleats recommended, Metal Cleats are not allowed), Water Bottle
  •  Optional: Batting Helmet, Batting Gloves, Belt, Equipment Bag/Backpack, Sunglasses

Note all baseball bats MUST be USA bats, as no other bats will be allowed in practice or play.  Review the CBSL Bat Guide pdf to determine what bat is right for your player. 

For more ideas, visit our Suggested Gear page.

Contact Us

Caledonia Michigan Baseball Softball Little League

PO Box 422 
Caledonia, Michigan 49316

Email: [email protected]

Caledonia Michigan Baseball Softball Little League

PO Box 422 
Caledonia, Michigan 49316

Email: [email protected]
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