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5/6 Game is Cancelled
by posted 05/06/2021

Hi everyone, as you might have expected or have seen the communication from the league, our game tonight is cancelled.   See you all Saturday.

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Keep the Faith, We'll See
by posted 05/06/2021

No update from league on cancellation of game, plan to play.  Check email/team bulletin for more details.


Hi everyone, I have not heard any communication from the league on todays (5/6) game in regards to cancellation.  As I mentioned before, they can make these determinations quite late, and if I see something I will let you know asap.  I'm sure they're looking at what I'm seeing, which is around 5pm for the rain to be done.  I'm sure they'll go take a look at the fields and make their determination around then, hopefully before.  Typically they're more concerned with the damage and deterioration done at CalPlex, I have not seen a time where they have cancelled activities at CalPlex, but allowed surrounding area games to continue.  Regardless, we are a "go" unless we hear otherwise.  


Please try and have the kids at the field 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.  I have a system that I will be revealing to the assistant coaches and kids in how we rotate the kids from the outfield to infield every couple of batters to try and get all the kids being in the action as frequent as possible.  It's not uncommon to see a dandelion being eaten, but I try and keep them all engaged as much as we can.  By moving them in a time or two during each inning, hopefully we can get the kids some action every inning.


Therefore, if we can be ready to start the game at 6 we can try and get a full 3 innings which is an accomplishment in of itself.  It's much easier when we're at CalPlex because the dugout serves as a cage for the little animals, that luxury does not exist at the other fields we'll be playing on.  Please setup your kids' bag, helmet, glove, and bat, in front of the bench.  This will help them and the coach locate the items when we're getting them on deck.  We're not allowed to have an on deck batter, but it's much smoother when they're prepped and ready to go as the previous batter is hitting.


It's idealistic, I know, but by a game or two they get the hang of it.  Look forward to seeing you all soon, Kleins are up on the snack chart, please make sure to thank them tonight!


Coach Jeremy

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Few Things for Practice Today
by posted 05/01/2021

For TBall Practice Today:  1)  Snack Signup  2) Towel  3)  Maybe an extra shirt if we get too wet with some water balloon fun at the end.

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