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Change Team: 
Food Allergies and Coaching Assistance
by posted 05/14/2021

Hey Team!  Good game yesterday, looking forward to playing again tomorrow moring at 8:15am, same field!  It should be a lot warmer than last Saturday, but still be prepared to play (and cheer if you're a fan) in the shade for most of the morning.

Two quick questions for everyone, apologies that this email is going out late:


-Coach Amanda will be at a horse show again tomorrow morning, if you would like to help coach the kids on the bases or on the field, just approach Coach Ryan before the game.  Also, with the kids becoming more comfortable and having fun with each other, it would also help to have a bench coach to keep the team focused, cheering, and ready for their turn to bat.  Feel free to volunteer for the game or just rotate an inning or two with a spouse or a friend.

As always, we very much appreciate the great group of parents we have for this season!


-Second, it is Holden's birthday on Monday, so we wanted to bring some Fruit Juice popsicles for the kids after the game.  These are organic and should be free of irrantants, but please let us know if your child has a food allergy and we can try to bring something different, or maybe hold off on the treat.  The flavors are: Berry Pineapple, Concord Grape, and Passion Fruit.


Thanks, and see everyone tomorrow!


Coach Ryan

email: terpy820@gmail.com

Text: 616-822-6917

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Need some Coaching help on Saturday
by posted 05/05/2021

Hey Team,


First off, we want to say GREAT JOB to everyone!!!  It was so fun watching the kids put together the skills we've been working on and executing them during the game. Our defense was awesome, keep working on fielding grounders, running to bases, and throwing to Mom or Dad.


Coach Amanda has a previous committment this Saturday, so we are looking for 1 or 2 more volunteers to step in and help coach the kids.  Please email or text us if you'll be attending the game and are interested in helping out.  


As you saw last night, here is the format of how we are currently playing games:


-We bat our full lineup every inning so every child gets the same amount of at-bats, batting order changes every inning.


-Even if a runner is technically "out", they still run the bases.


-We are only taking one base on our hits.


-Last batter clears the bases.



Our next game is 8:15am at Caledonia Elementary, Field 2.  See you there!


Ryan & Amanda 

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First Game on Tuesday
by posted 05/02/2021

Hey Team,


First we want to say a huge THANK YOU and GREAT JOB to all our players during our practice time together.  Every player has been a great listener, hard worker, and we are excited to learn more and do our best now that games have begun.


Our first game is Tuesday evening at 6pm at Kraft Meadows Field 2.


We have very much appreciated the help and support from all of you parents during our practices.  We invite anyone who wants to assist during the games to reach out, we will need some extra hands for each game to coach baserunning, and assist getting our players in proper defensive position and remind them what to do if the ball comes to them.


The league requires that anyone who is an assistant coach to go through their volunteer process: http://volunteers.caledonialittleleague.com/ It includes some forms and a background check to ensure safety of the players.


There is some potential rain in the forecast.  It is our belief that the league will inform us if there ever is a rainout, and we will pass that info along the moment we receive it.  Please note that games are not made up if they get rained out.  The league expects us to play "about" 10 games due to one or two getting rained out and cancelled.


Looking forward to this week!


Ryan & Amanda

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