Caledonia Little League (CBSL) - Caledonia, Michigan

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Player registration for the 2023 season is NOW OPEN and will run through February 1, 2023.  To be placed on our mailing list to receive reminders and notifications for the 2023 season, please click here

Registration for Caledonia Little League (CBSL) in Caledonia, Michigan is open to boys ages 4-14 and girls ages 4-12.  If you are not from the Caledonia, Michigan (or surrounding area within the CBSL Boundary Map) and wish to play Little League Baseball or Softball, please visit the Little League Finder to locate your local organization.

"Play ups" can be requested during the registration process but are not guaranteed.  If you wish to have your child play up to higher division, please register them under their current play age and select the play up option on the form.  Please be aware that a play up request does not guarantee it that will be allow and refunds will not be granted if the request is denied.  Due to safety reasons, play up requests are only considered for children at the highest age bracket at each level.    

2023 Baseball |  2023 Softball

CBSL's FAQ Page helps assist parents with all of their questions regarding our registration process and our program.  Please visit this page prior to registering!  As a 100% volunteer based program, unfortunately, we are unable to respond to all inquires and emails.  We encourage you to visit and bookmark our FAQ page as it contains answers to many common questions!

CBSL Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note that due to the size and structure of our league we are unable to to accept teammate or coach requests for non-siblings.  Thank you for your understanding! 

To complete a coaches/volunteer registration form, please click below or go to our Volunteer Registration Form 

If you or your business wish to become a CBSL sponsor, please visit our sponsorship page or contact for more information.  

Please select the division below (based on date of birth) to register your child.  If your child's age group does not appear (or shows no open positions) this means the division is full and unable to accept additional players. 

Player registration will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  If a play age/division becomes full, your child will be placed on a waitlist. If additional openings do not become available, your registration refund will be issued prior to the the start of the regular season.  Due to league constraints and supply considerations, we are unable to accept additional registrants after 2/1/2023.


Update - 1/24/2023

At this time, several divisions are completely full for the 2023 season.  If your child's age group does not appear below, this division is full and no longer accepting registration for the upcoming season.   

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2023 Volunteer Registration Form

Thank you for expressing an interest in being a volunteer for Caledonia Little League (CBSL).

Please note that all CBSL Volunteers (managers, assistants and other volunteers) must complete a new volunteer form each season.  Please carefully read below for instructions of completing your volunteer form and other required items.

CBSL can only be as successful as the strength of its parent/volunteer support!  We recognize that our coaches, assistants and other volunteers make a significant contribution of time and effort to enhance the experience of playing Little League Baseball & Softball. It is the goal of CBSL to provide the best coaching instruction to our players while maintaining a positive team environment.   

As required by Little League International, prospective volunteers must meet the following requirements to be considered for a position within the League:

1.  Submit a CBSL volunteer registration form (click "Register" below).

2.  Complete a Little League background check (to be sent to you be email upon completion of your volunteer form)  

3.  Complete state required CDC concussion training every 3 years (instructions below) and CBSL league coaches training.

Please note that you will receive an automated email from J.D. Palatine (JDP) to begin your background check shortly after completing your registration form.   Please allow at least 72 hours to receive this email and be sure to check your spam/junk email folders prior to contacting us.

If you have completed your CDC concussion training within the last 3 years, you may simply upload a copy of your completion certificate your volunteer application.  If you are a first time coach or it has been longer than 3 years, we recommend that you complete this step prior to your registration form as you may upload it at that time.  Please note that if you coached last year, you will be required to re-attach your certficate to this this year's volunteer form.

CDC "Heads Up" Concussion Training Website 

Thank you for becoming a CBSL volunteer!

Opened: 12/10/2022

2023 - Tee Ball (Ages 4-6)

Teeball:  CBSL Teeball is a co-ed division with boys and girls ages 4-6. Six year olds can request a play up to coach pitch with at least one year of prior experience.    

Please note that play-ups are granted (only if space is available) for those players who meet the age requirement.  For safety and in compliance with Little League requirements, your child MUST be play age 6 in order to play up.  Unfortunately, no exceptions may be allowed and play-ups requests are not guaranteed (based on league numbers).  Additionally, due to the size and structure of our league we are unable to to accept 'teammate requests' for non-siblings.  Thank you for your understanding! 

Target Schedule (subject to change based on enrollment numbers)  

Teeball will likely play on Tuesday or Thursday and Saturday but are subject to change. Please note that Saturday game times vary and can run between 8 am and 5 pm.  Games and practices are scheduled for approximately 60-75 minutes.  The season will last 10-12 weeks running from late-April to the middle/end of June.  Games to be played at Calplex, Lakeside Park, Caledonia Elementary, Dutton, Emmons Lake and Kraft Meadows.

Base Cost: $110.00

Opened: 12/10/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2016 and 08/31/2019

2023 - Boys Coach Pitch (Ages 7-8)

Boys Coach Pitch:  Boys Coach Pitch division will play coach pitch baseball.  Modified rules are in effect to make the game more competitive yet instructional for this age level.  This division is for Little League play-ages 7 & 8.  An 8 year old may request to "play-up" to the next level (AA), however, your request is not guaranteed and may only be considered if space is available and prior playing experience.  For safety reasons, your child must be play age 8 to be considered for AA, no exceptions can be made to this rule. Additionally, due to the size and structure of our league we are unable to to accept 'teammate requests' for non-siblings.  Thank you for your understanding! 

Target Schedule (subject to change based on enrollment numbers)

Boy’s Coach Pitch will generally play twice per week, one week day (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) and on Saturday (with some minor exceptions).  Games will be played at Calplex, Caledonia Elementary, Dutton, Emmons Lake and Kraft Meadows.  Game times will begin anytime between 5:00 - 7:15pm on weeknights and will vary on Saturday (from 8am to 5pm). 

Base Cost: $135.00

Opened: 12/10/2022

Open to: Boys
born between: 09/01/2014 and 08/31/2016

2023 - Boys Juniors (Ages 13-14)

Boys Juniors:  The Boys Juniors division will be comprised of boys who are Little League play age 13 and 14.  13 year olds who previously played in Boys Majors or 14 year olds who previously played in Boys Juniors will play in the Boys Juniors division.  All players in will be drafted and must attend player evaluations in early-mid March. All teams are selected by their respective coaches/managers. 

Boys Juniors may have games on any weekday and/or on Saturday's and will play inter league games against other District 9/West Michigan leagues. Games will be played at Duncan Lake Middle School and other local District 9 fields in West Michigan.

The "season" will begin in mid/late April and run through the mid/late June, however, games may not begin until mid/late May due to scheduling logistics with other area leagues.  Please note that schedules for Boys Juniors are established by Little League District 9 (not CBSL), therefore, we are at their mercy for any changes/cancellations.

Immediately following the regular season, Boys Juniors will participate in a District 9 "team tournament" against other D9/West Michigan teams that will run through late June.  Please plan your vacation/holiday calendars accordingly! 

Following the District 9 team tournaments, if numbers permit, Boys Juniors may participate in the District 9 Little League All Star Tournament.  If your son is nominated/selected to an All-Star team (and you accept), tournament play could run from late June through late July.

Please note that the number of players accepted to play in Boys Juniors will be determined by the number of coaches at this level.   

Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis and if you or someone you know would like to coach a team, please complete our volunteer registration at or contact our coaches coordinator at


Base Cost: $145.00

Opened: 12/10/2022

Open to: Boys
born between: 09/01/2008 and 08/31/2010

This program is currently full. We are no longer accepting applications for this program.