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Returning CBSL Members

You will need to select the division for which you want to register.  The registration groups (located on the registration page) are designed to allow you to register a child in a division that meets their requirements base upon their birth date and gender. Once selected, the system will prompt you to log into your personal account.  Returning guardians/players should have an account.  Simply log in with your PARENT/GUARDIAN email address and password and the system will show you which family members qualify for the division that you selected.  Please make sure you verify your contact information and the information for your children.  Please pay attention to the description of the division that you've selected as some require players to go through assessments.

Please make sure you use the same email address for registration that you used last year to avoid duplicate accounts for your family and that your player's history remains intact.  If you no longer have access to your old email address, please contact .  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN WITH A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.  This will create an entirely new duplicate account and you'll lose access to all of your family history.

New CBSL Members

If you are new to CBSL or have never registered a player in our league, please follow these instructions very carefully.

Select the division for which you want to register a player.  The registration groups (located on the registration page) are designed to allow you to register a child in a division that meets their requirements base upon their birth date and gender.  Please carefully read the description of the division that you've selected as some require players to go through assessments.  Click the "Begin Registration" button to select a division.  Verify that you have selected the desired program and then click the "Continue" button.  When the system prompts you to log in, click the "create account" button (if you do not already have an account/login).  The system will email you a link to establish a temporary password for our website.  When you receive the email, click the link to set up a password.  Once you've established a password, return to the login screen and enter your email address and password.

You will then be prompted to set up a guardian account.  Please make sure you enter all information requested.  We recommend that you change the public flag on your email address to roster so that your coach is able to contact you via email and by phone.  Set a good, safe password that you can remember for your account.  We highly recommend that set up your spouse or the child’s other parent as another guardian, please make sure you check the "Add another parent or guardian" box before you click the "Submit" button.  NOTE:  If you do not enter the second parent it is CBSL policy NOT to release ANY information to them about your child.  This includes coaches name, game or practice schedule. 

Next you will be prompted to set up a participant account (player account).  Please enter all information; however, please DO NOT enter the same email address for your player.  Our system is keyed on the email address so it must be unique for every individual.  Also be very careful when entering your child's date of birth.  Once entered, you cannot change it.  If you happen to enter the wrong date of birth and it falls outside the date range allowed by the program you've chosen, your child will show up as ineligible.  You can ignore the grade field entirely.  Once you have entered the required information, please click the "Submit" button.

If you've done everything correctly, you'll be presented with any additional information the form requires, such as uniform size, health information, etc...  Please answer all questions. The system will provide you an option to credit card to pay for CBSL fees.  Please make sure that you follow all onscreen instructions. 

Once you've completed these steps, you are no longer a new CBSL member.  You may then use the "Edit My Account" located at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page to edit your family account -- adding additional players, etc...


Parents often like to make special requests such as having a player placed on a specific team for carpooling, to play with friends or sometimes preference for a specific coach.  Unfortunately these requests cannot not be granted as it is impossible, to take in hundreds of requests while building teams and schedules that accommodates every ones wishes.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  

Exception - Siblings placed on the same team, provided both are of Little League age and capabilities of playing at the same division level, is acceptable and the only request that will normally be granted.

"PLAYING-UP" INTO AN OLDER DIVISION - CBSL IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION to honor a "play up" request. Play-up requests will be processed based on draft selection and roster availability. Parents are solely responsible for indicating a "play up" request. Please review your registration confirmation email to be sure that you have registered your child(ren) properly.


Coaches must fill out the volunteer application form and go through a background check.   In addition, all coaches must complete the concussion training as required by the State of Michigan before being allowed on the field with the players.  Each team is assigned one manager or head coach for all divisions with our upper division drafting their assistants.  In the lower division we do attempt to place at least one assistant coach on each team.  Coaching requests for the lower divisions are reviewed by the coaching coordinator.   Coaches will be required to attend two meetings a coach’s instruction clinic and safety meeting usually are held in March.


Coaches are issued a base set of equipment appropriate for their division.  This includes some basic batting helmets, bats, catchers gear and balls.    At a minimum, your player will need a baseball/softball glove appropriate for their size.

At the major level and higher (baseball/softball) most players provide their own helmet, glove, bat, batting gloves, face shield, sliding pads/shorts, sun glasses, bag, etc...  At the majors level and higher, please make sure your equipment is Little League approved.  In tournament play, the umpires will usually inspect equipment.  CBSL will still provide helmets, bats, catchers gear, and balls for each team at all levels.

Eligible Bats - Important

Please pay attention to the bats that are allowed by Little League International within each division of play.  Every year we see players who have spent money on a bat that is not eligible to be used in CBSL or other Little League play. 

As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity as of January 1, 2018.   

To learn more about Little League bats requirements, please visit  For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit

Only bats stamped with the USABaseball logo (USABat) are eligble for use in Little League Play.  USSSA Bats (1.15 BBF) are prohibited by Little League International.  To view a comparison of USA Baseball vs. USSSA bats, please go here.


Uniforms are distributed in mid-April just before the regular season begins.  CBSL provides a shirt and hat or visor for all divisions.  CBSL will order one hat/visor and one jersey for each player as selected on their registration form.  Due to the volume of our orders, CBSL will not be resposible responsible for errors or ommissions on their players registration, including sizing and name misspellings.  Parents will need to provide their own pants and socks/belts. Color suggestions for pants and socks will be determined by your manager. 



Caledonia Little League Baseball/Softball is for all players between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age.  The following is a guide of the League's Divisions: 


Baseball Divisions

Little League Ages


4, 5 & 6

Coach Pitch

7 & 8 (6 year olds may request a play up)


9  (8 year olds may request a play up)


10 & 11 

Little League - Boys

10, 11, 12 *

Boys Juniors

13 - 14


*  Boys ages 10-12 are registered in the Boys Little League division and drafted on either Majors roster or placed onto a AAA team.  You child should attend the player evaluations to help determine which team he is best suited for.  All 12 year olds will be placed on a Boys Majors Team, 10 & 11 year olds will be placed in AAA if not selected to Majors.


Softball Divisions

Little League Ages


4 &  5

Coach Pitch

6 & 7 & 8

Little League - Girls

9, 10,11 and 12 *


*NOTE: The Little League division will be divided into Minors and Majors teams based on the number of players available   Typically 9 and 10 years will play in Minors and 11 and 12 will play in the Majors.  There are some exceptions to this, though it is rare.  You child should attend the try outs to help determine which team she is best suited for. 

Depending on the number of girls registered in the Little League division we may inter league for both majors and minors with other District 9 teams.  Girls Juniors will league with other District 9 teams. 



Your son or daughter will be eligible to play in a CBSL division based upon their Little League "play age."   Play age determination is established by Little League International as follow.   For softball divisions, play age follows the traditional calendar (age as of January 1) while baseball play age is determined by your child's age as of August 31st of the upcoming year.  For example, if you child is 9 years old during the CBSL season, however, their birthday is on August 1, their play-age for the season will be age 10.   For reference to current year Little League Age charts, please reference the links below.  If you child wishes to "play-up" to a higher division, you must register them in the appropriate age group and you may request a play-up on your registration form.   Please note that play-up requests are not guaranteed and refunds will not be granted for any requests that are denied (please see our "Paretn Requests" section for additional information). 

Baseball Age Chart

Softball Age Chart

Little League Age Calculator


This year CBSL is opening registration December 11.  CBSL registration closes February 1, 2022.   Due to league constraints and supply chain issues, late registrants will not be accepted this year.  

Any registration not paid for within 21 days will be canceled and you will be required to register again.

2023 Registration Fees (as approved by CBSL Board on December 7, 2022)

SECURE ON-LINE REGISTRATION is available via credit card, 24/7 on the internet!! Registration fees are as follows:

Registration OPEN through February 1, 2022

Co-ed Teeball: $110.00 per player.   ($135 for 6 year olds requesting and approved to play up to coach pitch.)
Boys Coach Pitch, AA, AAA, Majors - $135.00 per player.  
Girls Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors: $135.00 per player.  
Boys Juniors:  $145.00 per player.  

Registration fee includes: 1 Team jersey(shirt) and baseball cap (boys & co-teeball) or softball visor (girls softball).  There is a maximum family charge of $400 for those 3 or more children.

Please note if you have an unpaid balance from the prior season that will be added at the time of registration and must be paid in full.

If you do not have a credit or debit card to make payment, please contact for assistance. 

FINANCIAL HARDSHIP – CBSL wants to ensure that all kids play baseball/softball no matter their financial situation.  If your family has experienced financial challenges, please do not let this stand in the way of your children participating in CBSL!  Please contact the CBSL Board at, and let us know right away, and we will assist you with a financial scholarship so that your child(ren) don’t miss out!  This is a confidential process and your information will not be shared outside of the CBSL Financial Scholarship Committee.



CBSL Registration Fees are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.  The registrant's family assumes all risk for families and/or players who either choose not to play, or otherwise become unable or unwilling to play after completing registration.



After February 1, divisions will be closed and new registrations will not be accepted


You must reside within the CBSL territory or attend a school that falls within our boundary to play in the Caledonia Little League. Please check the boundary map to see if you reside or attend a school within our boundaries.  If you fall outside of our boundary, you may apply for a waiver.  It may or may not be granted depending upon circumstances.  Please contact if you have any boundary issues.


Baseball Assessments

Location: TBD
Date & Time: TBD (typically the weekend of March 14/15) 

*** Players in the Little League divisions must attend at least one assessment. If a player for any reason fails to attend either assessment this may limit their potential to be selected onto a Majors roster and therefore may be placed on AAA team.   

Little League requires a player draft for these divisions so that there is a reasonably fair distribution of players on the teams.  Players in these divisions must attend player assessments so that player evaluation data can be created and distributed amongst the coaches involved in the draft process.

If players do not attend assessments, the coaches will have only their personal knowledge of a player, if any, on which to rely for making drafting decisions.  Coaches that have more experience and put in more time with the sport usually have a greater knowledge of the players.  This can sometimes give them an advantage in the draft process over less experienced coaches.  

Softball Assessments

Location: TBD
Date & Time: TBD (typically the weekend of March 14/15) 

*** Players in the Little League division must attend an assessment.  Attend the assessment will help balance the teams and will help ensure that all players are placed in the appropriate divisions. 

Little League requires a player draft for these divisions so that there is a reasonably fair distribution of players on the teams.  Players in these divisions must attend player assessments so that player evaluation data can be created and distributed amongst the coaches involved in the draft process.

If players do not attend assessments, the coaches will have only their personal knowledge of a player, if any, on which to rely for making drafting decisions.  Coaches that have more experience and put in more time with the sport usually have a greater knowledge of the players.  This can sometimes give them an advantage in the draft process over less experienced coaches.  


Teams cannot be assembled until we have our coaches registered, background checks completed, players registered, player assessments completed, and for some divisions the player draft completed. Since player assessments do not complete until sometime in mid-March, it stands to reason that team information will not be available until sometime at the end of March or early April.  Furthermore, it stands to reason that the practice and game schedules cannot be created until sometime after the teams have been assembled.  Hence, the practice schedule becomes available sometime between the player drafts and the first practice (early April).  The game schedule comes out sometime after the practice schedule but before uniform pickup (mid April).

Little League, Intermediate and Juniors teams are assembled via drafts held in late-March. Coaches should be in contact the last week of March for the Little League, Intermediate and Juniors divisions only.

T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Minors teams are assembled by the CBSL Board during the first part of April. Coaches will receive rosters and start contacting parents in the first or second week of April (often after spring break).


Practices can start as early as the last week of March for Majors and above depending on the weather.  Most divisions (with the exception of teeball and coach pitch which start later) will begin in early April and run up until opening day (typically 3rd/4th Saturday of April).  Practice schedules are determined by the league and are scheduled based on field availability. Teams will get 1-2 field practices per week and/or 1-2 batting cage practices per week, weather permitting.  Practices vary from either 5:00 to 7:00 or 7:00 to 9:00 during the work week for most divisions. Practices will also be scheduled on the weekend (Saturday) from 9:00am - 6:00pm.


The regular season (for upper divisions) begins on the 3rd/4th Saturday of April and runs through mid June to the end of June depending, lower divisions begin in late April/early May.  Weather permitting, most teams will play two games per week (with some minor exceptions).  Make-up games are scheduled only if/when necessary, typically if total games played is less than 1.   Weekday games normally start around 5:15pm, 6:30pm, or 7:30 pm  depending on the division. Games on Saturday run from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Game and practice schedules will be published in April on CBSL Website: As schedules change often and sometimes without notice, we recommend that you reference the CBSL website or league app (Sports Signup Play) in lieu of printing a "hard-copy" of your son or daughters schedule.  You may download the Sports SignUp Play App at the Apple Store or at Google Play


Certain divisions will hold playoffs at the end of the regular season. Majors through Juniors in both baseball and softball will have District 9 Team tournaments that start around mid-June. These games might require some travel to surrounding Little League fields.  AA and AAA baseball will have a intra league (CBSL only) tournament that also begins in mid-June.  Minors softball will participate in the tournament with another District 9 Little League with games held at Calplex, Lakeside Park or opposing District 9 league fields. Please be aware that schedules for all tournament games are contingent on District 9, therefore, often are made available at the last minute.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and ask that you plan accordingly.


All Star teams are formed for certain divisions based on tryouts. In the past, players are nominated to be in a pool from which coaches may vote on the team based upon tryout performance and other knowledge of the player’s ability.  Rules are strictly enforced during tournament play -- ages, boundaries, Little League approved equipment, etc…  All Stars can play many games per week depending upon the dynamics of the participating leagues.  Scheduling information comes out at the last minute so it is often difficult for parents to plan.  All Star games usually begin in early July and can run all the way through the end of August or even into September depending how far a team goes.


VOLUNTEER APPLICATION , CONCUSSION TRAINING AND BACKGROUND CHECKS - Little League International requires that ALL CBSL Team Managers, Coaches, Umpires & Board Members, and/or adults having regular contact with children, MUST submit a volunteer application and background check on or before February 18.  Additionally, the state of Michigan requires all youth sports coaches (managers and assistants) to complete concussion training every 3 years.  This may be done by going to the CDC "Head's Up" website at

To complete a volunteer application, please go to  On your volunteer form you will be given the opportunity to upload you concussion training certificate.  Please note that CBSL is unable to accept concussion training certificates by email.  Upon submission of your volunteer application, you will then receive an email from J.D Palantine (JDP) (within 72 hours) to complete your Little League mandate background check.  Failure to submit your concussion certificate and  background check will result in immediate disqualification.  ALL coaches must submit a concussion training and all volunteers (including non-coaches) must submit a background application, no exceptions.


Please pay attention to the age ranges of the registration forms and to the late date, closing date, and other special instructions on the form.  Please visit our registration page for the online sign-up forms.


QUESTIONS?  Please contact the following based on your inquiry 






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