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First Practice - April 15th!
by posted 04/11/2021

Good Afternoon Team!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break, welcome back, and hope you had a great weekend!  It's always nice to use the Master's weekend as the turning point to looking forward to green lawns, buds on trees, and now baseball!  I wanted to send an email and let everyone know of a few things as we start the first week of baseball this upcoming week.


First, I have only received one time change to a game later in our year.  I noticed that our schedule is very consistent with Thursday and Saturday appearances, nearly all with the exception of one game.  If you are looking for information regarding team information, our roster, schedule, and contact information can all be found by going to:  Schedule | Caledonia Baseball Softball League (caledonialittleleague.com).  Click on:  Teams > Choose A Team > Tee Ball > National League > Team Barber.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  I do not any information on jerseys and hats yet, however, I'm sure the league is working on that knowing that our games are just around the corner.


Please note that all times are subject to change, and I will be notifying you of any changes to practices or games via the team app.  It's the easiest way for me to do it, other than text.  I see if I can coordinate that as well.  However, if there is weather, time changes, field changes, etc. there typically is a couple because T-Ball is the first thing to get sacrificed unfortunately, therefore, if you look at the top of the screen it says "Download our New Free Team App," that link went to a page that did not end up working.  If you go to our app store on your phone, lookup:  Sports Signup SSU Play, download that and login using your CBSL credentials.  It should work fairly seamlessly, I just did it and our information is all there and loaded for us.


Next, please double check your information and let me know if there are any changes, that is very important as email, phone numbers, etc. all flows through all the systems and we need to have that accurate and up to date.


For those who are interested in assistant coaching, the more the merrier, it really helps getting batters ready, getting them to each base, moving them around during the game, running practices, etc.  As of now, I have two, it would be great to have one more.  All coaches will need to complete the following:

1.  Submit a CBSL Volunteer Form -  Begin

2.  Complete a CDC "Heads Up" Concussion Training (please attach a copy of your certificate to CBSL volunteer Form)

3.  Complete a background check - you will receive an email from JD Palatine shortly after completion of your volunteer form*

4. Attend any required league training/coaches meeting.

5.  (Optional/Recommended) Become USA Baseball Certified - Learn More


Lastly, we of course have to mention our COVID protocol.  CBSL uses fields that are owned by Caledonia Community Schools, and therefore, are required to follow THEIR protocols.  This includes the following:

  • All guests at our facilities are required to wear masks (including parents, players and spectators)
  • Parents must complete the COVID-19 tracking log for their child prior to each practice and game.  Please include the link below with all your practice/game email reminders.


CBSL COVID-19 LOG:   http://covidlog.caledonialittleleague.com/


I will have to track and report the log for each practice and game.  Please be mindful and complete these for each practice and game.  I will do my best to try and send a reminder for each.  


I apologize for the lengthy and detailed manuscripts.  It seems all like a lot now, which it is, but believe me we'll eventually fall into a rhythm.


Look forward to meeting you all and your kids this week!


Take care,



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